Shameek’s passion for folk, Sufi and Baul music culminated in Desh in early 2008, when he set up his musical band along with other like-minded musically talented men. As the name ‘Desh’ suggests it has a fondness for root music both in its original compositions as well as covers.

As the band still continues to perform, Sufi, Bangla Baul and Ghazals remain core subjects for the unit. Shameek has always been the Lead Singer of Desh since it began its journey and still cherishes being so and Desh opened up to him the world of interaction with the traditional-retro live crowd.

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Shameek on the fire

Jan 13, 2015

Burning Desire, Burning Sensation and more in lieu of audiences rocking passion. now it's time to fire the fire.

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